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Long in the tooth, some grey hair and rusty in places. That sums me up!  I’ve been working on bikes since around 1988, & after all those years I’m still the same excited passionate kid at heart.

Workshop Services

Free Advice!

Generally speaking, within reason, I’m here for you. I don’t bite! I don’t discriminate, I’m not a bike-snob or elitist in any way. It’s all love, peace and bicycle spokes.


Individual Jobs

Single jobs, such as wheel bearings/spokes, headset & bottom bracket services £25-£30, or from £20 if dropped in.

We will inspect and quote for all work before commencing.

Prices from


Full Service

  • Strip down, degrease and rebuild.
  • Includes gear/brake cables.
  • Headset and bottom bracket removal.
  • All bearings serviced and finished like new.

In other words, a proper job!

We will inspect and quote for all work before commencing.


Plus Parts

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January 1st 2017

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