Rokit & Cristian

I'm Cristian, I run Rokit. I've been riding bikers all my life and working at them for almost as long!


Rokit Cyclery

The concept of Rokit Cyclery was drawn out on a piece of paper back in 2015. My wife and I had only just closed our shop, Supernova Cycles, after landing my lifelong dream job, working for Kona Bicycles. 

The dream didn’t last forever, I loved Kona, but I had found a base for the Rokit Cyclery concept. For me, after over 25 years of fixing and selling bikes for a  living, Rokit was back to basics and doing what I love the most, but via a business model that provided exactly what my customers wanted.



I’ve been working on bikes since around 1988, & after all those years, I’m still the same excited, passionate kid at heart.

Having spent the late 90s at the Infamous Cycleshop Newbury, I decided to take things more seriously, so I joined Halford’s new Bikehut programme and helped run a successful store for 4years. 

Hard work and perseverance paid off, and within a seven-year period, I had done two sales stints with Hotlines-uk and Kona Europe and owned, along with my Wife, Supernova Cycles. 

Now, after all the above (and more!) I’m settled, working hard, but with no pressure of sales, accounts, or debt. Rokit Cyclery has been a long-term dream, and thanks to all my Customers, its so far been a success.

Opening Times

9ish to 530ish.

I am flexible. Just ask! And often work late!

Contact Details

Rokit Cyclery
Above Mazda Ampere Rd
Newbury RG14 2AE
(Formerly bikelux/chainworx)
Tel: 01635 48113
Text: 07920 578296