To Rokit Cyclery

I'm Cristian. You're local bike repair astronaut. I've owned and run Rokit Cyclery since the early 2000's.

I'm based in the old Bike Lux / Chainworxs unit, abouve Masda, on the Ampere Road, Newbury.


The Workshop

I’ve been a professional cycle mechanic since 1992.

The Rokit Workshop has been running since March 2017, I’ve managed to iron out all the squeaks and creaks, and things now run really smoothly.

I work Monday to Friday and strongly focus on simplicity, convenience and fast turnover. It’s not in my interest to hold customers' bikes for weeks on end, waiting for parts etc.

Please note, I do not touch the cheaper end of the market, i.e. bikes with an original value of less than £300 - the reasons are a lack of supply of parts and actual time spent setting up to standard.

Individual Jobs

Such as wheel, BB and headset bearing replacement, wheel tensioning and true’s, brake bleeds, and individual brake/gear setups.

Costs are labour only parts not included.

from £20

Plus £10 for collection

Standard Service

Full service of entire bike, gears, brakes, headset, BB, and hubs adjusted and setup, wheels true’d, and cables, brake pads cleaned up (any parts needed full quoted beforehand)


Plus Parts

Big Service

Same as full service but headset and bottom bracket striped out, frame, fork and all parts cleaned up and degreased, comes like new. (Any part needed fully quoted beforehand)


Plus Parts

Bike Build

All parts supplied by customer.

from £150


Sorry, I no longer offer a collection or return service. Please drop your bike to the workshop.

Opening Times

9ish to 530ish.

I am flexible. Just ask! And often work late!

Contact Details

Rokit Cyclery
Above Mazda Ampere Rd
Newbury RG14 2AE
(Formerly bikelux/chainworx)
Tel: 01635 48113
Text: 07920 578296